Circles30-09-2020 | 10:32:20 | No Comments

This week we’ve been busy singing the wheels on the bus and we’ve been practising strengthening our hand grips by drawing circles based on the squiggle whilst you wiggle programme.

PE fun this week with the morning nursery17-09-2020 | 10:15:22 | No Comments

Humpty Dumpty!11-09-2020 | 13:20:30 | No Comments

We have had such an exciting week in Nursery! This week Humpty Dumpty fell off his wall! We have put him back together again with plasters and rebuilt his wall with bricks.

Making shape sandwiches09-07-2020 | 12:51:10 | No Comments

Today we have made shape sandwiches to eat at our very own indoor picnic! We made our sandwiches and then chose different shapes to cut them into.

We put the sandwiches into the picnic baskets we had already made. We had great fun eating them and listening to ‘The Teddy Bears Picnic ‘ song.

Transport29-06-2020 | 12:33:47 | No Comments

In nursery we’ve been busy flying like aeroplanes in PE and we’ve been investigating how far a car will travel down a a ramp. We found the cars travelled further if the ramp was higher.

Ice cream 17-06-2020 | 14:01:07 | No Comments

This week in nursery we’ve had a fabulous week. We’ve been on a train journey just like Maisy did in our story of the week ‘Maisy goes on holiday’. We’ve also made our very own cameras and made real ice cream. It’s been lots of fun! 

Super Science in Nursery#werringtonSTEM13-03-2020 | 14:27:09 | No Comments

This week we have been learning about static electricity!! We rubbed balloons on our clothes and then used them to see if we could pick up different materials.  We made funny beards and hair on our balloon faces.

Also today we used magnets to move paper clips, that had been dipped in paint, on paper plates. We created some fantastic patterns!! We talked about which objects would stick to our magnets and why. 

Our shadows are here to stay #werringtonSTEM03-03-2020 | 11:06:23 | No Comments

We have read the story ‘Night monkey, Day monkey’ and discovered the monkeys have shadows. We wondered if we had shadows so we investigated this. We had a look for our shadows and found out why we have them in the day time. We now know why we can’t see them at night time too. Look at the funny shapes we made on the hall floor using our bodies. 

Pancakes  26-02-2020 | 11:40:27 | No Comments

We have loved learning all about the meaning behind pancake day. We now know this day is called ‘Shrove Tuesday’ and we know why we use all of our cupboard ingredients up. Today we learned some new words too such as lent, hob, batter, stir, mix, flip, toss, sprinkle and squeeze! Most of us loved the taste of the pancakes…ask us to tell you about it.

We love reading 12-02-2020 | 15:03:29 | No Comments

In nursery there are so many opportunities for us to read, listen and share stories. We love to look at fact books and are interested in reading from an early age; whether it be just looking at pictures or trying to work out what the story says. Don’t forget to share a story at bedtime with us… 

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