Stardome #werringtonSTEM29-01-2020 | 14:53:51 | No Comments

Wow what lucky nursery children we were experiencing the stardome yesterday. We loved looking up at the stars and learning all about the planets, moons and if alien life exists from a real scientist! We also surprised the scientist with our knowledge on asteroids! 


Chinese New Year29-01-2020 | 14:39:00 | No Comments

On Friday 24th January the nursery children had a fantastic day learning all about Chinese New Year. They listened to the story, learned all about traditions and dressed up in traditional Chinese clothing. They also took part in many activities throughout their day….

Aliens love underpants23-01-2020 | 14:01:05 | No Comments

This week the aliens had come into our classroom and left pants everywhere; The children were so excited to see what they had been doing! We’ve been busy counting pom-poms onto pants in our maths lessons. Later in the week we practised our number recognition by rolling dice and putting eyes and sequins onto aliens to make them look funny whilst we learn. The children have also created their own aliens in the malleable tray using jelly and wrote about what they saw when we flew up to space in our imaginary rockets. 
         What a pant-tastic week we’ve had!

Rockets #werringtonSTEM16-01-2020 | 15:26:54 | No Comments

This week we have done a lot of learning about rockets and famous atronauts. We have made rockets in many different ways and we’ve practised counting down from 5-1 then blasted off into space in PE this week. We have discussed the famous astronauts Neil Armstrong, Timothy Peake and Valentina Tereshkova (the first woman to enter space). 

Space09-01-2020 | 15:06:54 | No Comments

We have blasted off into our new topic of space this week. We’ve read the story ‘whatever next’ and done a lot of counting. Here are some pictures of the fun we’ve had…

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