Incy Wincy Spider24-09-2018 | 08:42:56 | No Comments

In Nursery we have been learning about Incy Wincy Spider. We answered the question ‘What made Incy Wincy come down the spout?’. We learned all about what a spout is and what its used for. We learned that spiders have 8 legs and there are lots of different types of spiders. We went on a spider hunt in our playground and found lots of spiders on webs. Following this we learned about the silk that the spiders spin to create their webs. Have a look at the fun we’ve been having – Its been a great week!


Humpty Dumpty experiments13-09-2018 | 13:59:35 | No Comments

We have had a great time in nursery this week. We’ve learned all about Humpty Dumpty and rolled real eggs off walls to see how high we need them before they break. 


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