Mystery Reader!!20-10-2017 | 09:04:27 | 38 Comments

A great big thank you to Tom’s mum for coming in to read us ‘What the ladybird heard’ we really enjoyed listening to the story and it was a lovely surprise!

5 Currant Buns in a Bakers shop.03-10-2017 | 11:05:38 | 183 Comments

We all enjoyed going on a listening walk in our outdoor area. We made some special ears so we could hear more clearly. We heard an aeroplane in the sky, birds singing in the trees and even some music coming from one of the houses.


Last week’s focus was 5 Currant buns and on Friday we all made our own currant buns. We made sure we measured all the ingredients carefully and used a recipe book to help us. They were very tasty. Yummy!!


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