Planting seeds23-05-2017 | 15:58:07 | 136 Comments

We have been planting sunflower seeds and cress seeds. We discussed the things plants need to grow and the environment they like to be kept in.  The children and staff had lots of fun getting messy and experimenting.

Fruit tasting15-05-2017 | 14:55:57 | 41 Comments

We have been learning all about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We tasted all of the different fruits the caterpillar ate. The children tried some fruits which they liked and some that they didn’t like.

Our minibeast hunt!02-05-2017 | 09:31:20 | 362 Comments

We went on an adventure around the school grounds in a search for some minibeasts. We founds lots of different bugs and used our magnifying glasses to look closely at the similarities and differences.


Making bugs for our ugly bug cafe02-05-2017 | 09:26:40 | 306 Comments

We had lots of fun making different minibeasts for our cafe. We used salt dough and rolled it then we used bug cutters to make the shapes of the minibeasts. After that we painted them and let them dry. 

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