Baking gingerbread men!18-11-2016 | 15:22:31 | 105 Comments

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After reading the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’ the children in the nursery baked some of their own gingerbread.

We looked at the different ingredients and felt the different textures of the mixture as it changed from start to finish.

When they had cooled down we decorated them with icing sugar. They were very yummy!!




The Witches sweet shop09-11-2016 | 14:34:57 | 329 Comments

Following our focus on the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ this week the Nursery and Reception children have really enjoyed visiting the ‘Witches sweet shop’ in our outdoor area. They have been busy counting sweets, serving each other, exchanging money and scooping up the jelly balls to put into the sweetie bags!

IMG_1564[1]IMG_1562[1] IMG_1571[1]IMG_1572[1]

Diwali Dancing03-11-2016 | 14:35:46 | 1 Comment

The nursery children have really enjoyed learning a traditional Diwali stick dance. 


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