The Three Little Pigs!29-11-2019 | 14:38:45 | No Comments

We have had such a fun week learning about ” The Three Little Pigs!” We have created lots of pigs and houses and done some amazing role play with lots of scary wolves! 

Geography focus week29-11-2019 | 13:38:46 | No Comments

This week in nursery we have tasted traditional English food and traditional Indian food and compared them. We loved them both! 

Remembrance day11-11-2019 | 14:49:42 | No Comments

Today we have celebrated remembrance in nursery. We’ve all watched the CBeebies video and discussed what it represents. We’ve also been busy, painting, colouring, cutting and sticking poppies. What fun we’ve had whilst remembering those who fought for us.

       . fun!08-11-2019 | 13:51:11 | No Comments

This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night and the Hindu festival Diwali. We created lots of different firework art and made Diva lamps. We had fun pretending to be fireworks too! 

We had fun pretending to be fireworks too!

Pumpkin fun24-10-2019 | 08:45:10 | No Comments

This week the nursery children have enjoyed learning about pumpkins. We have looked at where they grow, how they grow, why they are harvested in the autumn time. After this we looked closely at real pumpkins, touched them, hammered golf tees into their flesh and opened them up to see what’s inside. It’s been great fun learning lots of new words and investigating the growth and decay of a vegetable. #WerringtonSTEM

Autumn walk23-10-2019 | 11:58:03 | No Comments

Ask your children about our Autumn walk. We saw so much!

A spider visit15-10-2019 | 09:13:39 | No Comments

We’ve been lucky enough to meet fluffy the tarantula this week. We’ve learned that she has 8 eyes and 8 legs and catches her food in the silk webs she spins from her bottom!


Incy wincy spider PE10-10-2019 | 08:53:26 | No Comments

This morning the nursery children have been busy being spiders. They climbed up the rope spout, threw balls for the rain and collected up as many raindrop balls as they could carry.

1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive03-10-2019 | 13:58:42 | No Comments

The children have loved singing the rhyme this week especially using the puppets provided by one of our children. They have done lots of counting and ordering of numbers up to 5 and really got stuck into observing the features of a real fish.

The wheels on the bus19-09-2019 | 15:45:33 | No Comments

What a fantastic week we have had in nursery learning about the wheels on the bus rhyme. The children loved going for a ride on our’ Werrington bus’ in the local area!

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