The Three Billy Goats Gruff.26-11-2021 | 11:13:40 | No Comments

This week at Nursery we have learnt about the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have counted goats, built bridges and made our very own goats. Most importantly we have frightened away the Troll!!

Anti-Bullying week19-11-2021 | 10:06:01 | No Comments

As part of our annual anti- bullying week the children in the nursery have been very creative. They have designed their own kind word t- shirts and badges and odd socks were worn to represent their individuality.

Our listening walk.12-11-2021 | 15:55:05 | No Comments

Today we went on a listening walk. We wore bear ears to help us to listen. We heard birds singing, cars on the road, children playing, bells ringing and lots of other interesting sounds.

Firework fun!05-11-2021 | 13:47:35 | No Comments

We have had lots of fun learning about Bonfire night. Look at the fabulous firework art we have created this week!

Happy Diwali!05-11-2021 | 09:33:20 | No Comments

This week we have celebrated Diwali the five day Festival of Lights. We each made our own traditional diva lamp.

Our Autumn walk20-10-2021 | 09:50:11 | No Comments

We’ve been out exploring the season of Autumn in our lovely grounds. The children have been looking at all the different coloured leaves and have watched the leaves twirl from the trees in the wind.

All about teeth!15-10-2021 | 09:27:44 | No Comments

We have had a busy couple of days learning about how important it is to keep our teeth clean. We have talked about food that could harm our teeth and learnt the best way to brush our teeth.

We loved our Bee Active session where we had to brush as many teeth as we could in one minute!

A trip on the bus!15-10-2021 | 09:14:54 | No Comments

We went for a trip around Werrington on our school minibus. We made our own bus tickets and Mrs Brookes and Mr Rowley were the bus drivers! We looked out for different things including a post box, a bus stop and sheep!

Chicks in the Nursery!08-10-2021 | 12:45:37 | No Comments

Today we have had eight baby chicks visiting the Nursery! The children enjoyed watching them and some of the teachers had a little cuddle.

The Wheels on the bus.08-10-2021 | 09:19:03 | No Comments

This week we have been learning about buses. We have counted people on the bus and made our own buses from recycled materials.

We also did our very own experiment to find out the best wheels for a bus. We used different objects as wheels to find the most appropriate size and shape #WerringtonSTEM

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